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Created Feb 13, 2012
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plots all contributions by authorized committees over time, colored by party
# you need to run first
comm = subset(contr, form_tp=="SA18")
plot(comm$date, comm$contb_receipt_amt, log='y', col=comm$color, axes=F, xlab="", ylab="", main="Contributions by Authorized Committees (log scale)", cex=.65)
axis.POSIXct(1, las=2, at=seq(min(comm$date), as.POSIXct("2012/01/02"), by="month"), cex=0.65, cex.axis=0.65, format="%b")
axis(2, at=c(0.01, 1, 100, 2500, 10000, 1000000), las=2, cex.axis=0.65)
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