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Last active Jul 23, 2019
What would you like to do? for Slack 4 on OSX
# !!!! make sure asar is available !!!
# npm install -g asar
# remove these to start afresh
rm -rf /Applications/
rm -rf /Applications/
mv /Applications/ /Applications/ 2>/dev/null
# asar needs the .unpacked dir to extract properly and we can just copy this one
cp -r /Applications/ /Applications/
echo "extracting Slack's app.asar";
asar extract /Applications/ /Applications/
echo "appending theme code to /Applications/";
cat << 'EOF' >> /Applications/
document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() {
const cssURI = '',
codeMirrorThemURI = '$
Promise.all([cssURI, codeMirrorThemURI].map((file)=>{
return fetch(file)
.then( response => {
return response.text();
})).then(files => {
files[1] = files[1].replace(/cm-s-cobalt/g, 'cm-s-default');
let styleEl = document.createElement('style');
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