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Guillaume Lachance glachancecmaisonneuve

  • College de Maisonneuve
  • Montreal, QC
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View nullsofttest.nsi
;---Installation script
!define APP_NAME "MultithreadWindowsCopy"
; Include Modern UI
!include "MUI2.nsh"
; Includes KillProcess
!include "nsProcess.nsh"
View ProtocolTests.cmd
start "" "smartgit://cloneRepo/"
start "" "github-windows://openRepo/"
start "" "x-github-client://openRepo/"
start "" "tgit://clone/"
start "" "git://"
glachancecmaisonneuve /
Created Mar 12, 2019 — forked from hmemcpy/
Disabling Visual Studio Git Provider

Here's how to disable the package that is responsible for loading the Git source control support in Visual Studio. Use at your own risk!

  • Create a file called devenv.pkgundef and place it next to devenv.exe in you Visual Studio's Common7\IDE (you'll need elevation for this)
  • Add the following entries to the file:
  • Close VS if open, open a Developer command prompt, and type devenv /updateconfiguration
View ini.tmLanguage.json
"name": "Ini",
"scopeName": "source.ini",
"patterns": [
"begin": "(^[ \\t]+)?(?=#)",
"beginCaptures": {
"1": {
"name": "punctuation.whitespace.comment.leading.ini"
View Clear Headers and Footers - 1.WORD.yaml
name: Clear Headers and Footers - 1
description: ''
host: WORD
api_set: {}
content: |
document.getElementById("run").onclick = function() {
glachancecmaisonneuve / DoNotFuckWithMyPath.psm1
Last active Jul 12, 2018
DoNotFuckWithMyPath overrides chocolatey's Install-ChocolateyPath function (installers may still change your paths, but package maintainers can't)
View DoNotFuckWithMyPath.psm1
function Register-DoNotFuckWithMyPath {
[parameter(Mandatory=$true, Position=0)][string] $pathToInstall,
[parameter(ValueFromRemainingArguments = $true)][Object[]] $ignoredArguments
Write-Host "Chocolatey-DoNotFuckWithMyPath Extension prevented an overzealous package manager to from fucking with your path."
Write-Host "(It attempted to add $pathToInstall)"
glachancecmaisonneuve / DontYouDarePinAnythingToMyTaskbar.psm1
Last active Jul 12, 2018
View DontYouDarePinAnythingToMyTaskbar.psm1
function Register-DontYouDarePinAnythingToMyTaskbar {
[parameter(Mandatory=$true, Position=0)][string] $pathToInstall,
[parameter(ValueFromRemainingArguments = $true)][Object[]] $ignoredArguments
Write-Host "Chocolatey-DontYouDarePinSomethingToMyTaskbar Extension prevented an overzealous package manager from pinning a program to your taskbar."
New-Alias -Name 'Install-ChocolateyPinnedTaskBarItem' -Value 'Register-DontYouDarePinAnythingToMyTaskbar' -Scope Global
glachancecmaisonneuve / qt.conf
Created Feb 23, 2018
vcpkg restore qt5-tools functionnality
View qt.conf
Prefix = ../..
Documentation = share/qt5/doc
Headers = include
Libraries = lib
Binaries = tools/qt5
LibraryExecutables = tools/qt5
Plugins = plugins
Qml2Imports = qml
Data = share/qt5