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A patch that make django-debug-toolbar work in Python 2.5
diff --git a/debug_toolbar/panels/ b/debug_toolbar/panels/
index 18fffdc..a0bfce8 100644
--- a/debug_toolbar/panels/
+++ b/debug_toolbar/panels/
@@ -193,8 +193,14 @@ class SQLDebugPanel(DebugPanel):
stacktrace = []
for frame in query['stacktrace']:
params = map(escape, frame[0].rsplit('/', 1) + list(frame[1:]))
+ params_dict = dict((unicode(idx), v) for idx, v in enumerate(params))
- stacktrace.append(u'<span class="path">{0}/</span><span class="file">{1}</span> in <span class="func">{3}</span>(<span class="lineno">{2}</span>)\n <span class="code">{4}</span>'.format(*params))
+ stacktrace.append(u'<span class="path">%(0)s/</span>'
+ u'<span class="file">%(1)s</span>'
+ u' in <span class="func">%(3)s</span>'
+ u'(<span class="lineno">%(2)s</span>)\n'
+ u' <span class="code">%(4)s</span>'
+ % params_dict)
except IndexError:
# This frame doesn't have the expected format, so skip it and move on to the next one
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