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This is a userscript with a light-on-dark content-centered style for plain/text documents.



To install this userscript in Chrome, save the JavaScript file and drag it onto the chrome://extensions page.

If you use ViolentMonkey, TamperMonkey, or GreaseMonkey, install from one of these links:

View generate.js
const regenerate = require('regenerate');
/* char-graphic? */
const SETS = ['Letter', 'Mark', 'Number', 'Punctuation', 'Symbol'].map(category =>
/* char-blank? */
// const SETS = [['\t']].concat(['Space_Separator'].map(category =>
// require(`unicode-10.0.0/General_Category/${category}/code-points.js`)));

This lets you set the preload headers for your assets, so that the browser can start fetching them before it begins parsing HTML.


This lets you load application JavaScript asynchronously from <head>. Compatible with Turbolink v2, v5.0, v5.1, jquery-turbolinks, and no Turbolinks. Compatible with all browsers and IE9+ (only IE10+ will actually benefit from this though).

How to use this:

  1. Add the HTML snippet just before the closing </body> tag.

  2. Add the on_page_load.js script to the beginning of your application.js, and use window.App.onPageLoad(...) instead of document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', ...) and jQuery(($) -> ...) everywhere.

  3. Include your JavaScript like so:

fn is_prime(n: usize, primes: &Vec<usize>) -> bool {
for &p in primes {
let q = n / p;
if q < p { return true };
let r = n - q * p;
if r == 0 { return false };
panic!("too few primes")
View dependencies_logger.rb
# Place this file into lib/dependencies_logger.rb and require it from application.rb after Bundler.require as:
# require_relative '../lib/dependencies_logger'
require 'active_support/dependencies'
class DependenciesLogger
def initialize
@need_newline = false
@load_depth = 0
View console.log
User tracking what they have and have not already read
D, [2016-08-12T09:16:45.975024 #5152] DEBUG -- :  (0.1ms) BEGIN
D, [2016-08-12T09:16:45.975303 #5152] DEBUG -- :  (0.2ms) COMMIT
D, [2016-08-12T09:16:45.975575 #5152] DEBUG -- :  (0.1ms) BEGIN
D, [2016-08-12T09:16:45.977178 #5152] DEBUG -- :  (0.2ms) SAVEPOINT active_record_1
D, [2016-08-12T09:16:45.978641 #5152] DEBUG -- : SQL (0.3ms) INSERT INTO "users" ("email", "name", "created_at", "updated_at") VALUES ($1, $2, $3, $4) RETURNING "id" [["email", ""], ["name", "Dr. Ellis O'Keefe"], ["created_at", "2016-08-12 09:16:45.977492"], ["updated_at", "2016-08-12 09:16:45.977492"]]
D, [2016-08-12T09:16:45.979315 #5152] DEBUG -- :  (0.2ms) RELEASE SAVEPOINT active_record_1
D, [2016-08-12T09:16:45.980593 #5152] DEBUG -- :  (0.1ms) SAVEPOINT active_record_1
D, [2016-08-12T09:16:45.982087 #5152] DEBUG -- : [1
View i18n_status.html.slim
h1 Missing and unused translations
- if @missing.present?
.panel-heading: h3.panel-title #{@missing.leaves.count} missing keys
thead: tr
th.text-right Locale
th Key
th Value
View object_enumerable.rb
class Object
def each(&block)
return to_enum(:each) { 1 } unless block
include Enumerable
class NilClass
def each(&block)