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Less Cheatsheet

Less Cheatsheet

less {filename}
SPACE forward one window
b backward one window
d forward half window
u backward half window
j navigate forward by one line
10j 10 lines forward.
k navigate backward by one line
10k 10 lines backward.
G go to the end of file
g go to the start of file
q or ZZ exit the less pager
/ search for a pattern which will take you to the next occurrence.
? search for a pattern which will take you to the previous occurrence.
n for next match in forward
N for previous match in backward
F simulate tail -f inside less pager
ma mark the current position with the letter ‘a’,
‘a go to the marked position ‘a’.
&pattern display only the matching lines, not all.
v using the configured editor edit the current file.
CTRL+G show the current file name along with line, byte and percentage statistics.
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icnbaw commented Jan 7, 2022

Search section:
You can toggle on and off search case sensitivity by typing -i before you begin.
You have to toggle it on every time you use less.

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How to finish/interrupt the less command in "&pattern" mode?
Just use & again with no pattern, i.e. enter & and hit return.

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