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Sets your wallpaper to NASA's picture of the day
import requests
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
from os import path, getcwd
import ctypes
import time
def windowswallpaper(image):
ctypes.windll.user32.SystemParametersInfoW(SPI_SETDESKWALLPAPER, 0, image, 0)
def getimage(url):
#Get the data from the website
page = requests.get(url)
soup = BeautifulSoup(page.content, "html.parser")
date = soup.findAll("p")[1].text.strip()
image = soup.find("img")
url += image["src"]
page = requests.get(url)
filename = f"image {date}.jpg"
# Create the .jpg file
with open(filename, "wb") as f:
#Set the wallpaper to the .jpg file
url = ""
#Change the extension from .pyw to .py if you want the console window
#If you want the program to be run at startup go to:
#C:\Users\current_user\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
#And drag the file .pyw/.py file in there
#If you want the program to be ran between some time periods you should use Windows Task Scheduler
#If you do not know how to check out

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majze commented Jan 16, 2020

Thanks, this is great!

If anyone has issues running on Windows, this may help:
pip3 install requests
pip3 install beautifulsoup4

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