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Last active October 10, 2020 16:53
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Toggle amount of rows in text area.
//short version, the one in the answer
$('thetextarea').attr('rows', $('thetextarea').attr('rows')==1?5:1);
//short version, just using selectors once
var $textArea = $('thetextarea'); //declare a variable to avoid using the same jQuery selector twice.
$textArea.attr('rows', $textArea.attr('rows')==1?5:1);
//long version
var currentRows = $('thetextarea').attr('rows'); //obtain the current number of rows in the textarea
var newRows; //declare a variable to hold the new number of rows
if(rows == 1){ //if just one...
newRows = 5; // it should become 5
newRows = 1; //else, (not 1), become 1
$('thetextarea').attr('rows', newRows); //assign the new value to the rows attribute of the textarea
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