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Goodbye, WordPress! by Sergej Müller,

Goodbye, WordPress!

Nearly 9 years, and nearly 3 million downloads later, it’s over. I’m quitting WordPress.

For me, a chapter of my life is coming to an end. A chapter that has brought an abundance of experience, learning and fun. A chapter that, on the other hand, demanded a lot—time, nerves and motivation. But where there’s a will, ther’s a way, and I deeply hope my software and my commitment may have made the WordPress Community a bit better in terms of quality.

// You’re Welcome

I’m not an artist who writes elaborated, emotional copy. So I’m going to keep it simple here and not post a list of what I’ve created and achieved over the years. Anyone who has benefited from my knowledge via newsletters, articles and Twitter, appreciates me being around in the WordPress community. WordPress plugins like Antispam Bee, Cachify, Statify, wpSEO and Optimus are known by pretty much every user in Germany, Austria and the germanophone parts of Switzerland.

Honeypots, translations, support, security analyses; research, testing, enhancements, rollbacks; a no-advertising policy, a culture of free-of-charge, sponsoring. Striving for perfection. Ups and downs. Satisfaction. Pride.

// Thank You

All these years of striving for something better would not have been possible without support. I thank my family who literally had to and has endured my time consuming hobby. Thank you as well, germanophone WordPress community, for your help with plugin support and troubleshooting. I’ll forgive your constant nagging. ;)

// Bye

When it won’t get any better, it’s time to stop. That being said, keep it up and show your software developers some love.

Sergej Müller

Frequently Asked Questions


For health reasons. Please don’t ask. I should have made the decision years ago, but put it off.

Still want to say thanks?

Sure, shoot me an e-mail (hello AT wpcoder DOT de). If you’d like to make a donation, there’s always PayPal or Amazon. Merci!

What will happen to…?

I’m determined to find a successor for each of my projects in order for them to be continued on the level of quality you all love and appreciated. A couple of conversations have already been started. I’ll keep you posted.

WordCamp Cologne MMXV?

Why, surely.


Also via e-mail (hello AT wpcoder DOT de).

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