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Forked from morhetz/curl.cmd
Created Apr 11, 2011
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@rem Do not use "echo off" to not affect any child calls.
@rem Get the abolute path to the parent directory, which is assumed to be the
@rem Git installation root.
@for /F "delims=" %%I in ("%~dp0..") do @set git_install_root=%%~fI
@set PATH=%git_install_root%\bin;%git_install_root%\mingw\bin;%PATH%
@if not exist "%HOME%" @set HOME=%HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%
@if not exist "%HOME%" @set HOME=%USERPROFILE%
@curl.exe %*
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namavivarjita commented Nov 26, 2013


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yangxun commented Jun 21, 2014


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st-le commented Jun 29, 2015

big thanks!

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phuocpkaf commented Jul 31, 2015


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ghost commented Jan 2, 2016

note: latest version (v2.6.4) of msysgit (now git for windows: require editing line 7 from
@set PATH=%git_install_root%\bin;%git_install_root%\mingw\bin;%PATH%
@set PATH=%git_install_root%\bin;%git_install_root%\mingw32\bin;%PATH%

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lujimin commented Mar 17, 2016

note: if you use a 64-bit system, you should edit line 7 from
@set PATH=%git_install_root%\bin;%git_install_root%\mingw\bin;%PATH%
@set PATH=%git_install_root%\bin;%git_install_root%\mingw64\bin;%PATH%

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MatteoRagni commented Apr 14, 2016

As for alternative, I did:

  • edit environment variables to add the variable HOME as %USERPROFILE%
  • add your curl.exe directory in PATH

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aalasolutions commented Nov 23, 2016

I have simply created a bat file having

"C:\Program Files\Git\mingw64\bin\curl.exe" %*

And then added that batfile to any where which is available in Environment Variable

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Alvion101 commented Jan 1, 2018

Hi i am really new here. I just want to find out I copied exactly what was written. But was greeted with curl: (6) Could not resolve host: %*
can anyone explain to me where did I go wrong? I have my git installed, I have Vim installed. Where did I go wrong?

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Mendrell commented Jan 12, 2018

Thank you so much for releasing this it worked perfectly on my laptop, however i tried setting it up on my desktop and it constantly says that it is incompatible claiming it is a 16 bit program i made sure my system was 64 bit which it was and changed the line to
@set PATH=%git_install_root%\bin;%git_install_root%\mingw64\bin;%PATH%
but it doesn't make a difference is there something else i have to change as well, I am a bit confused seeing as how it worked just fine on my laptop.

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