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Map current cryptocurrency prices into Google Sheets
* Sheet -> Tools -> Script Editor...
* Paste this script
* Update the map (below) to your preferences
* Create a button in your Sheet and Assign Script: `test`
* et voila profit
function test() {
// maps currencies.tokens to sheet ranges
'USD': {
'ETH': 'G6',
'DASH': 'H6',
'LTC': 'I6',
'GNT': 'J6',
'REP': 'K6',
'BAT': 'L6'
function getPrices(model) {
for (var currency in model) {
var tokens = Object.keys(model[currency]).toString();
var url = '' + currency + '&tsyms=' + tokens;
var response = UrlFetchApp.fetch(url, {'muteHttpExceptions': true});
var json = JSON.parse(response.getContentText());
for (var token in model[currency]) {
function updatePrice(range, price) {
var sheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet();

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@vikingcc vikingcc commented Sep 3, 2019

Works perfectly and also refreshes automatically on triggered events unlike every other script out there. Beautiful code. Thanks Greg!

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