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A revised version of the Illuminate\Database\Connectors\MySqlConnector of the Laravel 4 framework. It fixes a bug when using the unix_socket option in the database configuration.
<?php namespace Illuminate\Database\Connectors;
class MySqlConnector extends Connector implements ConnectorInterface {
* Establish a database connection.
* @param array $options
* @return PDO
public function connect(array $config)
$dsn = $this->getDsn($config);
// We need to grab the PDO options that should be used while making the brand
// new connection instance. The PDO options control various aspects of the
// connection's behavior, and some might be specified by the developers.
$options = $this->getOptions($config);
$connection = $this->createConnection($dsn, $config, $options);
// We need to explicitly exec the 'use' mysql command in case the
// unix_socket option is used in the dsn.
if (isset($config['unix_socket']))
$connection->exec("use {$config['database']};");
$collation = $config['collation'];
$charset = $config['charset'];
// Next we will set the "names" and "collation" on the clients connections so
// a correct character set will be used by this client. The collation also
// is set on the server but needs to be set here on this client objects.
$names = "set names '$charset' collate '$collation'";
return $connection;
* Create a DSN string from a configuration.
* @param array $config
* @return string
protected function getDsn(array $config)
// Sometimes the developer may specify the specific UNIX socket that should be used
if (isset($config['unix_socket']))
$dsn = "unix_socket={$config['unix_socket']}";
// But more often a single hostname is supplied with an optionnal port number.
// Warning : when 'localhost' is used, the mysql driver will use the default
// unix socket value, use '' instead.
// Note : according to the PHP documentation the unix_socket option and the
// host[port] option should not be used together.
$dsn = "host={$host}";
if (isset($config['port']))
$dsn .= ";port={$port}";
// Finally, the 'mysql:' prefix as well as the database name are added
$dsn = "mysql:{$dsn};dbname={$database}";
return $dsn;
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