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gnadelwartz / Email forwarding Server (Linux, Unix, Mac).md
Last active Mar 27, 2021 — forked from raelgc/Email Server (Linux, Unix, Mac).md
Setup a Local Only Email Server (Linux, Unix, Mac)
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Setup a local only, forwarding Mail Server (Linux, Unix, Mac)

1 - Point to your machine

Most of programs will not accept an email using just @localhost as domain. So, edit /etc/hosts file to make the domain point to your machine by adding this line to the file:

To make the change, open the /etc/hosts file using nano or your favorite text editor.

gnadelwartz / crypto-aes-gcm.js
Created Dec 2, 2017 — forked from chrisveness/crypto-aes-gcm.js
Uses the SubtleCrypto interface of the Web Cryptography API to encrypt and decrypt text using AES-GCM (AES Galois counter mode).
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* Encrypts plaintext using AES-GCM with supplied password, for decryption with aesGcmDecrypt().
* @param {String} plaintext - Plaintext to be encrypted.
* @param {String} password - Password to use to encrypt plaintext.
* @returns {String} Encrypted ciphertext.
* @example
* const ciphertext = await aesGcmEncrypt('my secret text', 'pw');
gnadelwartz /
Created May 20, 2017
testfile for editing with charset autodetect in filemin
os_support=solaris slackware-linux redhat-linux mandrake-linux debian-linux suse-linux united-linux open-linux turbo-linux corel-linux msc-linux freebsd netbsd generic-linux gentoo-linux irix sol-linux coherant-linux
desc_pl=Zlecone polecenia
desc_de=Geplante AT-Befehle
longdesc=Create and edit one-off At jobs.
desc_hu=άtemezett feladatok
desc_el=Χρονοπρογραμματισμένες Εντολές
desc_cz=Plαnovanι pψνkazy
desc_no=Planlagte kommandoer