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#Sass Baseline Mixin

A very simple Baseline SCSS mixin for providing a visual baseline in your project, in CSS.

An example of the baseline

##The Mixin

In the mixin it has two arguments, $baseline-height and $baseline-color. These are set to defaults in the mixin, but feel free to change it to any colour and line-height you like.

##Usage in projects

When using the mixin, you may want to set a condition for showing the grid, such as this:

// style.scss
$show-baseline: true!default; //Set to false when not in use.

body {
	//...add your body styles here

	@if $show-baseline == true {
		// Include the baseline mixin
		@include baseline;

And then you should have a suitable baseline for your project! Have fun!


// Set up line-height and colour defaults for this mixin.
$line-height: 20px!default;
$line-color: #94d4ff!default;
* Baseline Mixin
* Handy dandy mixin to provide a baseline for your typography.
* The mixin carries two arguments — the $baseline, which should match your line-height, and $baseline-color, the colour you want the lines to be.
* When using the mixin, you can change to the line-height and colour to what you desire.
* You can use this in your design to help with your typography, or you can use it as part of your design.
* Have fun!
@mixin baseline($baseline: $line-height, $baseline-color: $line-color) {
// Background Image property with repeating gradients to provide the lines.
background-image: -webkit-repeating-linear-gradient(180deg, transparent, transparent ($baseline - 1), $baseline-color ($baseline - 1), $baseline-color $baseline);
background-image: -moz-repeating-linear-gradient(180deg, transparent, transparent ($baseline - 1), $baseline-color ($baseline - 1), $baseline-color $baseline);
background-image: repeating-linear-gradient(180deg, transparent, transparent ($baseline - 1), $baseline-color ($baseline - 1), $baseline-color $baseline);
// Background Sizing to contstrain the size of the gradient to the desired height.
-webkit-background-size: 1px $baseline;
background-size: 1px $baseline;
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