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Created Sep 17, 2019
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Pointwise convolution in PyTorch without using conv2d.
import torch
from torch.nn.functional import conv2d
def pointwise(X, W):
n,c_in,h,w = X.size() # (n examples, c_in channels, height, width)
c_out,c_in,_,_ = W.size() # (c_out channels, c_in channels, 1, 1)
W = W.view(c_out,c_in) # squeeze size 1 dims, shape=(c_out, c_in)
X = X.view(n,c_in,h*w) # flatten spatial dims
X = X.permute(0,2,1) # transpose, shape=(n,h*w, c_in)
K = X.reshape(n*h*w,c_in) # kernel matrix, shape=(n*h*w, c_in)
Y =, W.T) # matrix multiplication
Y = Y.view(n,h*w,c_out).permute(0,2,1) # re-pack tensor from output Y
return Y.view(n,c_out,h,w) # (n examples, c_out channels, height, width)
if __name__ == '__main__':
X = torch.randn(4,3,4,4)
W = torch.randn(16,3,1,1)
error = torch.abs(conv2d(X, W)- pointwise(X, W))
assert error.max() < 1e-6
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