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module to fire true[X] application team webhooks
// this file exists just to name the gist, and because gist ordering is asciibetical, it's name starts with a capital letter.
const path = require('path');
const getRepoInfo = require('git-repo-info');
const slackWebhook = require('slack-webhook');
module.exports = (env, webhookUrls) => {
const info = getRepoInfo();
const projectName = path.basename(info.root);
const message = `deployed env=${env} <${projectName}/tree/${
}|${projectName}> (${info.branch})! | [<${projectName}/commit/${info.sha}|${
// slack-webhook ojbects
const slackWebhookObjects = => {
return new slackWebhook(url)
return Promise.all( => {
return s.send(message);
"name": "application-project-slack-webhooks",
"version": "0.1.0"
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