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Created November 20, 2013 10:08
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install rubinius 2.2.1
require 'formula'
class Rubinius < Formula
homepage ''
url ''
sha1 'c34e5c19dcc66c35278ac4e5ec133798372c23ed'
head ''
# Yes, rubinius actually needs a pre-existing ruby 2.0 install to build
depends_on 'ruby' => :build
env :std
def install
system "bundle install --path vendor/gems"
system "./configure",
"--bindir", bin,
"--prefix", prefix,
"--includedir", "#{include}/rubinius",
"--libdir", lib,
"--mandir", man, # For completeness; no manpages exist yet.
"--gemsdir", "#{lib}/rubinius/gems"
ohai "config.rb",'config.rb').to_a if ARGV.debug? or ARGV.verbose?
system "rake", "install"
# Remove conflicting command aliases
# This conclicts with the Ruby command of the same name
test do
assert_equal 'rbx', `"#{bin}/rbx" -e "puts RUBY_ENGINE"`.chomp
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