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Godfrey Makori godfreymakori

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010-editor: 010 Editor
0-ad: 0 A.D.
0xed: 0xED
115browser: 115Browser, 115浏览器
1clipboard: 1Clipboard
1password: 1Password
1password-cli: 1Password CLI
245cloud: 245cloud
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360safe: 360 Total Security
godfreymakori / nginx.conf
Last active Apr 19, 2020
Laravel LEMP Setup --
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# Instructions
# 1. Replace laravel-app-folder with your laravel app folder name
server {
listen 80 default_server;
listen [::]:80 default_server;
client_max_body_size 200M;
View testing mail in droplet with laravel
# SSH into droplet
# go to project
$ php artisan tinker
$ Mail::send('errors.401', [], function ($message) { $message->to('')->subject('this works!'); });
# check your mailbox
godfreymakori / laravel_set_input_old_manually
Last active Aug 26, 2017
Set Laravel Old Input Manually
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Session::flash('', $client->email);
View docx2html
// set location of docx text content file
$xmlFile = $targetDir."/word/document.xml";
$reader = new XMLReader;
// set up variables for formatting
$text = ''; $formatting['bold'] = 'closed'; $formatting['italic'] = 'closed'; $formatting['underline'] = 'closed'; $formatting['header'] = 0;
// loop through docx xml dom
while ($reader->read()){
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