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Sidebar HTML code to show fields and buttons to select the range
<!DOCTYPE html>
<base target="_top">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
<div class="sidebar branding-below">
<div class="block form-group">
<label for="names-range"><b>Comissions</b></label>
<input id="names-range" type="text" placeholder="Specify Range.." value=""/>
<button class="blue" id="names-range_button" onClick="getSelectedRange(this);">Get Selected Range</button>
<div class="block form-group">
<label for="ages-range"><b>Easyship Handling Fees</b></label>
<input id="ages-range" type="text" placeholder="Specify Range.." value=""/>
<button class="blue" id="ages-range_button" onClick="getSelectedRange(this);">Get Selected Range</button>
<div class="sidebar bottom">
<span class="gray">
Code sample by Piyush Goel</span>
function getSelectedRange(button){
button.innerHTML = "Picking.."; // Change the button value while getting range
button.disabled = true; // Disable the button while getting range // Executes a Apps Script JS Function
.withSuccessHandler(updateTextField) // function to be called upon successfull completion of Apps Script function
.withUserObject(button) // To pass the event element object
.getSelectedRange(); // Apps Sript JS Function
// Function to be called on success
function updateTextField(range, button){
var textFieldId ="_").shift();
document.getElementById(textFieldId).value = range; // Update the text field value
button.innerHTML = "Get Selected Range"; // Reset the button value
button.disabled = false;
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