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Last active Sep 14, 2018
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Script that is an adaption of the code found at It adds a Local-File field to the BibTeX file with the relative path of the referenced file.
#!/usr/bin/env python
""" Add/update Local-File field to BibDesk-organized BibTeX file """
import sys
import base64
import re
import shutil
from Foundation import *
key_pattern = re.compile(r'^(?P<indent>\s*)Bdsk-File-1 = \{(?P<key>.*)\}[,}]$')
def decode_bdisk(key):
"""Return the relative path of file referenced by key """
decodedBytes = base64.b64decode(key)
nsData = NSData.dataWithBytes_length_(decodedBytes, len(decodedBytes))
plist, fmt, error \
= NSPropertyListSerialization\
nsData, 0, None, None)
if plist is None:
print "key: %s" % key
print "failed to decode archive due to error: %s" % (error)
# currently an implementation detail; may not be at position 6 in future
if (len(plist["$objects"]) > 6):
return plist["$objects"][6]
print "unknown format for property list %s" % (str(plist))
file = sys.argv[1]
backup = "%s~" % file
shutil.copy(file, backup)
out = open(file, 'w')
for line in open(backup):
key_match =
if key_match:
out.write("%sLocal-File = {%s},\n"
% ('indent'),
if not"^\s*Local-File = ", line):
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ketch commented Jan 5, 2015

Can you tell me -- what is "Foundation" and how can I install it?

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mankoff commented Sep 14, 2018

Foundation comes from pyobjc.

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