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defaults write "Apple Bitpool Max (editable)" 80
defaults write "Apple Bitpool Min (editable)" 48
defaults write "Apple Initial Bitpool (editable)" 40
defaults write "Negotiated Bitpool" 48
defaults write "Negotiated Bitpool Max" 53
defaults write "Negotiated Bitpool Min" 48
defaults write "Stream - Flush Ring on Packet Drop (editable)" 30
defaults write "Stream - Max Outstanding Packets (editable)" 15

Option 1: Command-line download extension as zip and extract

extension_id=jifpbeccnghkjeaalbbjmodiffmgedin   # change this ID
curl -L -o "$" "$extension_id%26uc" 
unzip -d "$extension_id-source" "$"

Thx to crxviewer for the magic download URL.

View refresh-chrome-change.rb
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# watch.rb by Brett Terpstra, 2011 <>
# with credit to Carlo Zottmann <>
trap("SIGINT") { exit }
class String
# colorization
def colorize(color_code)
View 666_lines_of_XSS_vectors.html
<img src=1 href=1 onerror="javascript:alert(1)"></img>
View exportjson.js
// Includes functions for exporting active sheet or all sheets as JSON object (also Python object syntax compatible).
// Tweak the makePrettyJSON_ function to customize what kind of JSON to export.
var FORMAT_ONELINE = 'One-line';
var FORMAT_MULTILINE = 'Multi-line';
var FORMAT_PRETTY = 'Pretty';
var LANGUAGE_JS = 'JavaScript';
var LANGUAGE_PYTHON = 'Python';
View singleton.js
var Singleton = (function () {
var instance;
function createInstance() {
var object = new Object("I am the instance");
return object;
return {
getInstance: function () {

Sublime Text 2 - Useful Shortcuts

Tested in Mac OS X: super == command


  • super+t: go to file
  • super+ctrl+p: go to project
  • super+r: go to methods
View bootstrap-custom.css
/*bootstrap 3 resets for SharePoint*/
/*border-box causes many issues with SP*/
*, *:before, *:after {
-webkit-box-sizing: content-box;
-moz-box-sizing: content-box;
box-sizing: content-box;
/*reset elements that B3 is expecting to be border-box*/
* [class^="col-"], * [class^="col-"]:before, * [class^="col-"]:after,
.container, .container:before, .container:after,
View file-checkedout-REST.js
//Get file checkout type via REST
$.ajax({url: "/_api/web/getFileByServerRelativeUrl('" + pageUrl + "')/checkOutType",
headers: { "Accept": "application/json; odata=verbose" },
success: function(data) {
if(data.d.CheckOutType == 0) {
console.log('The file is checked out');