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List of useful npx (Node Package Runner) commands (

NPX (Node Package Runner) Commands

List of useful npx (Node Package Runner) commands.

What is NPX?

Using NPX we can execute/run node binaries without the need to install it locally or globally.


Create local server

npx server <folder-name>

Format using prettier

npx pretty-quick --check # to check the no of files to be affected
npx pretty-quick # format all files shown in check

Show system info, browsers installed, binaries like node, npm, yarn and npm packages installed in local & globally

npx gatsby info

Deploy to

npx now --public

Create react app

npx create-react-app <app-name>

Log all your installed vscode extensions.


Run a json server with .json file.

npx json-server <json-file-link> # We can even using json file from git gist

Sort package.json file.

npx sort-package-json

Check for node module updates and update them interactively in command line

npx npm-upgrade
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