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Landing page for the Mastering Linux Performance Tools workshop at SREcon EMEA 2017

Virtual lab environment

Please sign in to the lab environment, you can either use Google sign-in or create a new account (email verification is not required, and you do not need to provide your full name).

The classroom token is: BO6R

Hands-on labs

This is the list of labs we will be working on during the workshop.


  • In the lab VM, the lab files are located in ~/tracing-worskhop/labs. For example, when the lab instructions say that you should compile a file called server.c, this file will be located in ~/tracing-workshop/labs/server.c in the lab VM.
  • To get a root shell in the lab VM, just run sudo su. You can create multiple tabs, so it will probably make sense to have one root and one non-root tab.
  • To extract your flame graphs from the VM, the easiest way is probably curl --upload-file myfile.svg, and then copying the link to your browser outside of the VM and opening it there. Or, if you're feeling adventurous, you can scp the file (you'd need to add your public key to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on the VM).
  • If the lab VM gets stuck for some reason, try refreshing your browser. If that doesn't help, click the little gear button on top of the terminal, and choose "Restart machine" to restart the VM.

Lab session 1:

Lab session 2:

Lab session 3:

Lab session 4:

After the workshop

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