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Margaret Blauvelt goldtreefrog

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goldtreefrog / write-to-speak-static-user-feedback
Last active Nov 11, 2018
Initial user feedback for front end
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Users: Jill, Stan, Amanda
Users Answer My Questions:
1. What sort of user would find this application valuable or interesting?
ALL: Kids, people with speech problems.
JILL: Shy kids.
AMANDA: Amanda's four-year-old (who enjoyed it with his mom's help).
2. Did you encounter any bugs or anything that did not work as you think it should?
goldtreefrog / write-to-speak-static
Last active Nov 10, 2018
Links to Write to Speak Demo App
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Name of App: Write to Speak (Demo - React rewrite based on prior JQuery project but the old one did not have a database)
Live static version:
NOTE: This version uses dummy data and lacks login capabilities. (The various links do not actually check for login status.)
Github repository for last static version:
Latest version, not static:
goldtreefrog / wts-minimal-user-stories
Created May 22, 2018
Write to Speak Minimal Viable Product User Stories (React/MongoDB)
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As a literacy (reading/writing) early learner or older learner with a literacy-related disability, I need to:
- Hear read aloud what I have written.
- Get help with my spelling.
As a user with a speech problem, I need to:
- Have the computer read my words aloud to another person.
goldtreefrog / wts-user-stories
Last active May 22, 2018
Write to Speak User Stories (React/MongoDB)
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As a literacy (reading/writing) early learner or older learner with a literacy-related disability, I need to:
- Get excited about reading and writing (instead of frustrated when I have trouble).
- Hear what I have so far so I can keep my train of thought going and continue with my next idea.
- Hear if I put the wrong word in anywhere.
- Share my text with friends and family, some of whom cannot read.
goldtreefrog / write-to-speak-react-purpose
Created May 21, 2018
Write to Speak (React and MongoDB version)
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Write to Speak
Write to Speak remembers and speaks your words aloud, making literacy and communication more fun and, for some, more possible.
goldtreefrog / react-redux-drills
Last active May 4, 2018
Interest calculators to practice using Redux with React
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Interest Calculator I: Connecting!/redux-interest-calc-1-connecting?path=public/index.html:1:0
Interest Calculator II: Dispatching!/redux-interest-calc-2-dispatch?path=src/components/interest-calculator.js:4:10
goldtreefrog / redux-drills-1-and-2
Last active May 3, 2018
Redux action, reducer and store drills
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Set Language State (i18n state)
CRUD Reducer!/redux-crud-reducer-mjb?path=src/reducers/index.js:28:0
goldtreefrog / React Introduction Communication Drills
Last active Apr 26, 2018
Communication drills: "Surprise!" "Hourly Rate Calculator" and "Live Search"
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Hourly Rate Calculator!/rate-calculator-mjb?path=src/components/rate-calculator.js:41:0
Character List!/react-live-search-mjb?path=src/components/character-list.js:1:0
goldtreefrog / React Lesson 1 Component Drills
Last active Apr 20, 2018
Links to React Component Drills - Navigation Bar and Address Book
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Navigation Bar:!/react-hb-challenge?path=src/components/navigation-bar.js:24:0
Address Book:!/address-book-challenge?path=src/components/address-book.js:1:0
goldtreefrog / creature-logger-user-feedback
Created Apr 12, 2018
User Feedback Notes for Creature Watcher's Creature Logger
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1. Make the back button work to take you back to the list of names you were just looking at.
(And while we are at it, make the back and forward buttons work for all "pages.")
2. Sometimes there is a (rather short) lag between entering a common name and when the list pops up. When you are
not used to it, you have no idea something like this is about to happen.
(Consider showing the instructions even before the results come back from ITIS, ideally along with a spinner or something similar.)
3. "Add Sighting" at the top could be confused with "Save," especially since the input form is shown when you first visit the sight.
(Consider changing it to say "New Sighting." Also consider making the new visitor click on "New Sighting" before he sees the form.)