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@goldyfruit goldyfruit/pkg.yml
Last active Nov 13, 2019

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[ansible] Check via the yum module and a registered value if a package is installed or not
- name: Ansible tests playbook
hosts: all
remote_user: root
- name: Check if mariadb-libs-5.5.44-2.el7.centos.x86_64 package is installed
register: pkg
- name: Removing old mariadb-libs package
when: ansible_os_family == 'RedHat' and
pkg.results[0].yumstate == 'installed'

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svenXY commented Feb 22, 2017

hi, found this nice snippet, but for me it does not work under all circumstances.

I'm using the oracle-mysql-community repositories and it keeps listing the first found, not the last one.
This always reports as "available", not "installed".

Even trying pkg.results[-1].yumstate == 'installed' does not work.


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CrusaderX commented Mar 21, 2017

Hi, you can use this code:

- name: check if "{{ package }}" is installed
    list="{{ package }}"
  register: is_installed

- name: install "{{ package }}" if not exist
    name: "{{ package }}"
    state: latest
  when:  (is_installed.results|length == 1) or (is_installed.results[1].yumstate != 'installed') 

Works for me


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beebird commented Jul 12, 2017

This works better:

pkg.results|selectattr("yumstate", "match", "installed")|list|length != 0


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bhagya7893 commented Dec 26, 2017

I am using the code suggested by CrusaderX and I am getting the below error:
The error was: error while evaluating conditional ((is_installed.results|length == 1) or (is_installed.results[1].yumstate != 'installed')): list object has no element 1

I am running on Redhat 7.1


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ghost commented Mar 28, 2018

disable SELINUX and firewall and try


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nccurry commented Jul 16, 2018

@beebird solution is cleanest

- name: Check if rpm is already installed
    list: my-rpm
  # If not installed yum_list.results[*].yumstate != installed
  register: yum_list

- name: Conditionally do next thing
    msg: "Not installed"
  when: yum_list.results | selectattr("yumstate", "match", "installed") | list | length == 0

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bhyde commented Apr 6, 2019

the package_facts module maybe better for this.

  - package_facts: {}
  - when: ansible_facts.packages["mysql57-community-release"] is undefined
    - yum:
        state: present
    - yum: {name: mysql-server, state: present}
    - service: {name: mysqld, state: started, enabled: yes}
    - shell: grep 'temporary password' /var/log/mysqld.log | awk '{print $NF}';
      register: result
    - .... etc ...
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