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Gonçalo Silva goncalossilva

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Translated Report (Full Report Below)
Process: Electron [38612]
Path: /Users/USER/*/
Identifier: com.github.Electron
Version: 16.0.6 (16.0.6)
Code Type: ARM-64 (Native)
Parent Process: Exited process [38611]
goncalossilva / UUID.kt
Created Dec 15, 2021
Kotlin Multiplatform implementation of UUID version 4.
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import kotlin.random.Random
import kotlin.random.nextUBytes
@Suppress("UnnecessaryAbstractClass", "MagicNumber", "ComplexCondition")
abstract class UUID private constructor(private val random: Random = Random.Default) {
constructor(seed: Int) : this(Random(seed))
* From [RFC 4122](, the UUID string
* representation follows the structure:
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- Excellent performance
- Small library sizes
- Unbloated feature set
- OSS first and foremost
- On/off
- Percentage rollouts (X% true, Y% false)

Engineering values

Our engineering values help us model our behavior, culture, and decision-making. They complement Doist's Core Values, guiding our approach to building and maintaining technology.

Continuous Improvement

We relentlessly pursue continuous improvement, and are adamant about regressions. We're skeptical of heroic efforts, focusing instead on steady steps towards defined goals.

We leave things better than how we found them, even if we don't own them. We frequently perform opportunistic refactors, automate, and prioritize the long term over the short term.


This is true because software delivery is an exercise in continuous improvement, and our research shows that year over year the best keep getting better, and those who fail to improve fall further and further behind.

Page xxii | Preface

The most innovative companies and highest-performing organizations are always striving to be better and never consider themselves "mature" or "done" with their improvement or transformation journey—and we see this in our research.

Page 6, Chapter 1: Accelerate

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Positive reinforcement circles
4 metrics:
- Lead time
- Release frequency
- Time to restore
- Change fail rate
- Lowers lead time, increases release frequency, lowers time to restore
#!/usr/bin/env python3
# Open With Nautilus Extension.
# Install python-nautilus and put this in ~/.local/share/nautilus-python/extensions/.
from gi import require_version
require_version("Gtk", "3.0")
require_version("Nautilus", "3.0")
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javascript:document.addEventListener("click",async function(e){if("item_checkbox")&&!{var a=new Audio("");a.type="audio/wav";await}})
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// On a Huawei Watch
// 2225ms
for (i in 0..10000) {
launch(UI) {
withContext(DefaultDispatcher) { }
// 10ms
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Section "Monitor"
Identifier "Monitor0"
VendorName "Unknown"
ModelName "Catleap"
HorizSync 143.073
VertRefresh 95.002
Modeline "2560x1440_95" 389.16 2560 2608 2640 2720 1440 1443 1448 1506 +hsync -vsync
Option "DPMS"