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Created June 20, 2021 02:26
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root@dragonflybsd-600-hammer2:/home/goneri # panic: no volume for offset 0x0000000040010000
cpuid = 0
Trace beginning at frame 0xfffff800677a7260
hammer2_get_volume() at hammer2_get_volume+0x4b 0xffffffff8098334b
hammer2_get_volume() at hammer2_get_volume+0x4b 0xffffffff8098334b
_hammer2_io_getblk() at _hammer2_io_getblk+0x182 0xffffffff8095fcf2
hammer2_io_new() at hammer2_io_new+0x17 0xffffffff809605f7
hammer2_chain_modify() at hammer2_chain_modify+0x342 0xffffffff8096e302
hammer2_chain_create() at hammer2_chain_create+0xe31 0xffffffff8096fe01
CPU0 stopping CPUs: 0x00000000
Stopped at Debugger+0x7c: movb $0,0xbcf719(%rip)
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