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(require 'gamegrid)
(defconst xmas-tree-buffer-name "*XMASTREE*")
(defconst xmas-tree--display-padding-top 5)
(defconst xmas-tree--display-padding-left 3)
(defvar xmas-tree--display-width)
(defvar xmas-tree--display-height)
(defvar xmas-tree--leafs nil)
(defvar xmas-tree--stems nil)
(defvar xmas-tree--snows nil)
(defvar xmas-tree--leaf-height 15)
(defvar xmas-tree--stem-height 2)
(defun xmas-tree--height ()
(+ xmas-tree--leaf-height xmas-tree--stem-height))
;; Glyph and Ascii options
(defconst xmas-tree--display-blank 0)
(defconst xmas-tree--display-leaf 1)
(defconst xmas-tree--display-snow 2)
(defconst xmas-tree--display-stem 3)
(defconst xmas-tree--display-blank-options
((glyph colorize)
(t ? ))
((color-x color-x)
(color-tty color-tty)
(t mono-tty))
(((glyph color-x) [0 0 0])
(color-tty "black"))))
(defconst xmas-tree--display-leaf-options
((glyph colorize)
(t ?*))
((color-x color-x)
(color-tty color-tty)
(t mono-tty))
(((glyph color-x) [0 1 0])
(color-tty "green"))))
(defconst xmas-tree--display-snow-options
((glyph colorize)
(t ?O))
((color-x color-x)
(color-tty color-tty)
(t mono-tty))
(((glyph color-x) [1 1 1])
(color-tty "white"))))
(defconst xmas-tree--display-stem-options
((glyph colorize)
(t ?M))
((color-x color-x)
(color-tty color-tty)
(t mono-tty))
(((glyph color-x) [0.7 0.3 0.1])
(color-tty "brown"))))
(defun xmas-tree--display-options ()
(let ((options (make-vector 256 '(nil nil nil))))
(aset options xmas-tree--display-blank xmas-tree--display-blank-options)
(aset options xmas-tree--display-leaf xmas-tree--display-leaf-options)
(aset options xmas-tree--display-snow xmas-tree--display-snow-options)
(aset options xmas-tree--display-stem xmas-tree--display-stem-options)
;; Stem struct
(defstruct xmas-tree--stem
(x 0) (y 0))
(defun xmas-tree--stem:show (stem)
(gamegrid-set-cell (xmas-tree--stem-x stem) (xmas-tree--stem-y stem) xmas-tree--display-stem))
(defun xmas-tree--stem:planting ()
(let* ((height xmas-tree--stem-height)
(width (1+ (/ xmas-tree--leaf-height 4)))
(parts (make-vector (* height width) nil))
(index 0)
y x)
(dotimes (h height)
(setq y (- xmas-tree--display-height h 1))
(dotimes (x width)
(aset parts
(make-xmas-tree--stem :x (- xmas-tree--display-width x 1)
:y y))
(incf index)))
;; Leaf struct
(defstruct xmas-tree--leaf
(x 0) (y 0))
(defun xmas-tree--leaf:show (leaf)
(gamegrid-set-cell (xmas-tree--leaf-x leaf) (xmas-tree--leaf-y leaf) xmas-tree--display-leaf))
(defun xmas-tree--leaf:planting ()
(let* ((height xmas-tree--leaf-height)
(width height)
(parts (make-vector (/ (* height (1+ height)) 2) nil))
(index 0)
padding-num leaf-num)
(dotimes (y height)
(setq leaf-num (1+ y))
(setq padding-num (- width leaf-num))
(dotimes (x leaf-num)
(aset parts
(make-xmas-tree--leaf :x (+ x padding-num xmas-tree--display-padding-left)
:y (+ y xmas-tree--display-padding-top)))
(incf index)))
;; Snow struct
(defstruct xmas-tree--snow
(x 0) (y 0))
(defun xmas-tree--snow:show (snow)
(gamegrid-set-cell (xmas-tree--snow-x snow) (xmas-tree--snow-y snow) xmas-tree--display-snow))
(defun xmas-tree--snow:add ()
(let ((snow (make-xmas-tree--snow :x (random xmas-tree--display-width) :y 0)))
(setq xmas-tree--snows (append xmas-tree--snows (list snow)))))
(defun xmas-tree--snow:down (snow)
(incf (xmas-tree--snow-y snow)))
(defun xmas-tree--snow:out-of-frame-p (snow)
(>= (xmas-tree--snow-y snow) xmas-tree--display-height))
;; Drawing functions
(defun xmas-tree--update-background ()
(dotimes (y xmas-tree--display-height)
(dotimes (x xmas-tree--display-width)
(gamegrid-set-cell x y xmas-tree--display-blank))))
(defun xmas-tree--update-tree()
(mapc 'xmas-tree--leaf:show xmas-tree--leafs)
(mapc 'xmas-tree--stem:show xmas-tree--stems))
(defun xmas-tree--update-snows()
(mapc 'xmas-tree--snow:down xmas-tree--snows)
(setq xmas-tree--snows
(loop for s in xmas-tree--snows
unless (xmas-tree--snow:out-of-frame-p s)
collect s))
(mapc 'xmas-tree--snow:show xmas-tree--snows))
;; Main routine
(setq xmas-tree-mode-map
(let ((map (make-sparse-keymap 'xmas-tree-mode-map)))
(define-key map (kbd "SPC") 'xmas-tree--snow:add)
(define-key map (kbd "q") 'xmas-tree-end)
(defun xmas-tree--update (xmas-tree-buffer)
(when (eq (current-buffer) xmas-tree-buffer)
(defun xmas-tree-end ()
(kill-buffer xmas-tree-buffer-name))
(defun xmas-tree-init ()
(setq xmas-tree--display-height (+ (xmas-tree--height)
(setq xmas-tree--display-width (+ xmas-tree--leaf-height ;; leaf height = width
(setq xmas-tree--snows nil)
(setq xmas-tree--leafs (xmas-tree--leaf:planting))
(setq xmas-tree--stems (xmas-tree--stem:planting))
(gamegrid-init-buffer xmas-tree--display-width xmas-tree--display-height ? )
(gamegrid-init (xmas-tree--display-options)))
(define-derived-mode xmas-tree-mode nil "X'mas Tree"
(use-local-map xmas-tree-mode-map)
(add-hook 'kill-buffer-hook 'gamegrid-kill-timer nil t)
(gamegrid-start-timer 0.1 'xmas-tree--update))
(defun xmas-tree ()
"xmas-tree-mode keybindings:
(select-window (or (get-buffer-window xmas-tree-buffer-name)
(switch-to-buffer xmas-tree-buffer-name)
(provide 'xmas-tree)

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