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Last active May 14, 2022 04:33
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My daily template on Roam Research. SmartBlocks extension is required, install it on
  • #SmartBlock Daily
    • [[Daily Highlight]]
      • <%CURSOR%>
    • Morning Routine
      • {{[[TODO]]}} [[Brain dump]]
      • {{[[TODO]]}} [[Active recall]]
      • {{[[TODO]]}} Morning Brew for news
      • {{[[TODO]]}} Daily review on Readwise
      • {{[[TODO]]}} Read Manning books
    • Evening Routine
      • {{[[TODO]]}} Block 1 hour to make products
      • {{[[TODO]]}} Cleanup today's notes
      • {{[[TODO]]}} Plan things for tomorrow
      • {{[[TODO]]}} Read Kindle books before bed
    • Journaling
      • {{Interstitial Journaling:SmartBlock:IJ.Start}}
      • {{Self Reflection:SmartBlock:SR.Start}}
  • #SmartBlock IJ.Start
    • [[Interstitial Journaling]]
      • <%TIME%> - <%CURSOR%>
      • {{New IJ Entry:SmartBlock:IJ.New}}
  • #SmartBlock IJ.New
    • <%TIME%> - <%CURSOR%>
    • {{New IJ Entry:SmartBlock:IJ.New}}
  • #SmartBlock SR.Start
    • [[Self Reflection]]
      • <%CURSOR%>
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