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goofyahead / Jenkinsfile
Created May 27, 2019 — forked from jonico/Jenkinsfile
Example for a full blown Jenkins pipeline script with multiple stages, kubernetes templates, shared volumes, input steps, injected credentials, heroku deploy, sonarqube and artifactory integration, Docker containers, multiple Git commit statuses, PR merge vs branch build detection, REST API calls to GitHub deployment API, stage timeouts, stage c…
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import groovy.json.JsonOutput
import groovy.json.JsonSlurper
def label = "mypod-${UUID.randomUUID().toString()}"
podTemplate(label: label, yaml: """
- name: mvn
image: maven:3.3.9-jdk-8-alpine
goofyahead / Jenkinsfile.groovy
Created Apr 15, 2019 — forked from aerobless/Jenkinsfile.groovy
An example Jenkinsfile for a build pipeline using gradle, junit, selenium, checkstyle
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pipeline {
agent {
label 'agentId' //The id of the slave/agent where the build should be executed, if it doesn't matter use "agent any" instead.
triggers {
cron('H */8 * * *') //regular builds
pollSCM('* * * * *') //polling for changes, here once a minute
goofyahead /
Last active Oct 23, 2018
Mono usage for coordinator spring boot sample
public class OrderHandlers {
private OrderService orderService;
private KitchenService kitchenService;
private DeliveryService deliveryService;
private AccountingService accountingService;
public OrderHandlers(OrderService orderService,
KitchenService kitchenService,
DeliveryService deliveryService,
AccountingService accountingService) {
this.orderService = orderService;
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def androidExclusion = [
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sonarqube {
properties {
property "", "http://localhost:9000/"
property "sonar.sourceEncoding", "UTF-8"
property "sonar.projectKey", "myProject"
property "sonar.projectName", "myProject"
property "sonar.projectVersion", "V1.0"
property "sonar.sources", "src/main/java"
property "sonar.tests", ["src/test/java", "src/test/kotlin"]
property "", "jacoco"
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task codeCoverageReport(type: JacocoReport, dependsOn: 'testStagingDebugUnitTest') {
group = "Reporting"
description = "Generate Jacoco coverage reports after running tests."
reports {
xml.enabled = true
html.enabled = true
classDirectories = fileTree(
dir: 'build/intermediates/classes/staging/debug/com/yourpackage',
excludes: androidExclusion
goofyahead / dependencies
Created Jun 26, 2018
jacoco report for android projects
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apply plugin: 'org.sonarqube'
apply plugin: 'jacoco'
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package com.example.tsl057.rxjavaplaygroundjava;
import android.util.Log;
import org.junit.Test;
import java.util.concurrent.Callable;
import java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit;
import io.reactivex.Observable;
goofyahead / gist:ea495ed9772f9b13a1988ba9fb1b061f
Last active Apr 4, 2018
prettify json response with curl
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curl -H 'Authorization: XXXXX' | node <<< "var o = $(cat); console.log(JSON.stringify(o, null, 4));"