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Last active Jun 18, 2018
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gamedev tools (and programming) talks

Pipeline Talks

Doug Heimer: Strategies for Efficient Authoring of Content in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Remi Quenin: Fast Iteration for Far Cry 4 - Optimizing Key Parts of the Dunia Pipeline

Alen Ladavac: Fast Iteration Tools in the Production of The Talos Principle

Environment Workflow

Joel Burgess, Nathan Purkeypile: 'Fallout 4's' Modular Level Design


Casey Muratori: Immediate Mode Graphical User Interfaces

David Lightbown: Building a Shared Vision to Improve the User Experience

Jensen Harris: The Story of the Ribbon

David Lightbown: Improving Productivity at Ubisoft: Better tools & pipelines with UX


Chris Butcher: Lessons from the Core Engine Architecture of Destiny

Chris Butcher: Asset Systems and Scalability

Jason Gregory: Large-scale Systems Architecture

Herb Sutter: Lock-Free Programming (or, Juggling Razor Blades), Part I

Rob Pike: Concurrency Is Not Parallelism

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