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The script from MAVA Tech Buzz

Hi, My name is George Stocker, and I'm the VP of Engineering at Jewelbots. I have two daughters, Faith and Penny. As a father, I want to see them grow up with the same opportunities that I had. I want them to enjoy the thrill of creating and learning. I want technology to cater to their interests as much as it does mine.

Faith and Penny are growing up in a world where games like Minecraft teach them to program and to create their own universe, where technology is at their fingertips, but what good is having technology at their fingertips if it's deaf to their interests? Faith and Penny are growing up in a world where women only make up 28% of the STEM Job market, and only 19% of girls decide to go into technology. In fact, the number of women in Technology is declining; Women made up 30% of Technology in 1985, and today they make up less than 20%.

One of the reasons for this is that there’s There's no product out there that fuses technology with their interests. Until now.

We call them Jewelbots, a friendship bracelet for the iPhone era. Jewelbots allow girls to talk with each other through a mesh network that signals when their friends come into range, let's them send and receive messages they can use to share secrets; much in the way kids used to pass notes. Jewelbots reinforce that tribal mentality that young girls have -- the desire to fit in, all while gently exposing them to the fundamentals of programming, and if they want, showing them how to unleash the full potential of their Jewelbot. Through our easy to use App, girls can customize and program their jewelbot to react according to the friends they're around, send messages their friends, and even be alert them to all sorts of external events, all without needing a cellphone or laptop around to facilitate these interactions. At the heart of the Jewelbot is a patent pending bluetooth mesh network; a technology that didn't even exist five years ago, and a technology that will change the way you and I communicate. Imagine a world where you don't need a cellphone or wifi, and you can communicate on a device that's no larger than a quarter. For the price of a video game, our daughters can have fashion tech that let's them communicate and collaborate with their friends, all while picking up essential STEM skills. To fuel growth of our larger vision, our initial market opportunity is the $100B that teenage girls spend per year. This vertical provides the traction and catalyst for spreading our vision of changing the way people communicate. Our vision doesn't end there; with this technology, the applications are endless. Joining me in building Jewelbots are our CEO Sara Chipps, she's the former CEO and founder of Girl Develop it!, and our COO, Brooke Moreland, Founder and former CEO of the Fashion photo sharing app Fashism. I lead the creation of the software experience that powers Jewelbots. Through our line of products we aim to get young women involved in STEM, improve the way technology is created and change the way the world communicates. We want you to join us in making Jewelbots a reality. By investing in Jewelbots, you're not only helping to make technology accessible to teenage girls; you're also shaping the next generation of communications technology.

On June 26th and 27th, Jewelbots is hosting a coast-to-coast Bring Your Daughter to Hack Day; if you're in San Francisco or New York, feel free to drop in and checkout our prototypes as well as our hackathon. Details on

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