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App.Lib.GlobalEvents =
This will trigger the callback whenever the user clicks on something outside
the given element. If the user clicks on something insied `el`, it will not
trigger the callback.
You can give it many elements using jQuery's `#add`:
$els = $('.my-element').add($('.some-other-element'))
App.Lib.GlobalEvents.onClickedOutside $els, =>
# do something
onClickedOutside: (el, callback) ->
$el = $(el)
# This get's executed when leaving the page using Turbolinks. In that case,
# the whole body get's erased, together with our bindings, but in this case,
# `document` stays the same so we have to manually clear the bindings.
$(document).on 'turbolinks:before-cache', ->
$(document).unbind '.app-global-event'
$(document).on '', (e) =>
return if $ or $el.has( isnt 0
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