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# This code parse the audit logs exported from azure devops and saved as file auditlog.json
function Parse-AzureDevOpsAuditLogs {
[string] $Path
Begin {
Write-Verbose "In Begin Block: Parse-AzureDevOpsAuditLogs"
Write-Verbose "In Process Block: Parse-AzureDevOpsAuditLogs"
if (!(Test-Path $Path)){
Write-Host "The mentioned file: $Path not found."
$auditLogs = Get-Content -Path $Path | ConvertFrom-Json
Write-Host "Timestamp `t ScopeType `t ProjectName `t IpAddress `t Details `t Area `t CategoryDisplayName"
foreach($auditlog in $auditLogs){
Write-Host "$($auditLog.Timestamp) `t $($auditLog.ScopeType) `t $($auditLog.ProjectName) `t $($auditLog.IpAddress) `t $($auditLog.Details) `t $($auditLog.Area) `t $($auditLog.CategoryDisplayName)"
End {
Write-Verbose "In End Block: Parse-AzureDevOpsAuditLogs"
Parse-AzureDevOpsAuditLogs -Path .\auditLog.json
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