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Parse output from az pipelines runs list command into a nice format using python
Below code assumes that output from 'az pipelines runs list' command has been stored
under the az-pipelines-runs-list.json file.
import json, sys
with open("az-pipelines-runs-list.json", "r") as f:
runs = json.load(f)
print(f"ProjectName \t PipelineName \t BuildNumber \t FinishedAt \t Result")
for item in runs:
project_name = item['project']['name']
pipeline_name = item['definition']['name']
build_number = item['buildNumber']
finish_time = item['finishTime']
result = item['result']
print(f"{project_name} \t {pipeline_name} \t {build_number} \t {finish_time} \t {result}")
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