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Setup EcomDev_PHPUnit in a Magento 1.x directory
if [[ $# -ne 2 ]]; then
echo "Usage: $0 db_name base_url"
exit 1
test -f app/Mage.php || {
echo "Unable to find Magento in the current directory."
exit 1
test -d "app/code/community/EcomDev/PHPUnit" || {
echo "Ecomdev_PHPUnit is not installed in this shop."
exit 1
cd shell
test -f "../app/etc/local.xml.phpunit" || {
echo "Creating the configuration files..."
php -f ecomdev-phpunit.php -- --action install && php -f ecomdev-phpunit.php -- --action change-status
php ecomdev-phpunit.php -a magento-config --db-name $dbName --base-url $baseUrl
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