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Chris Duck gpduck

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gpduck /
Last active Jun 18, 2018
Ansible on Windows over SSH


  • Install OpenSSH
  • For domain user on 7.7+ (all lower case): AllowUsers domain\user
  • For local user (all lower case): AllowUsers user
  • run-as user to create profile (or log-in)
  • create .ssh and authorized_keys in the user's profile
  • run the fix user key script (program files\openssh)


gpduck / TrimTCX.ps1
Created May 23, 2017
Trim a TCX file from Garmin
View TrimTCX.ps1
$InPath = "c:\activity.tcx"
$OutPath = "c:\activity_trimmed.tcx"
$x = [xml](get-content $InPath)
$x.TrainingCenterDatabase.activities.Activity | %{
$Activity = $_
$Activity.lap | %{
$Lap = $_
$lap.track | %{
$Track = $_
gpduck / default.ps1
Created Apr 12, 2017
PSake Build Script
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Properties {
if(!$OutDir) {
$OutDir = "out"
if(!$ProjectDir) {
$ProjectDir = $PSake.build_script_dir
if(!$TargetDir) {
$TargetDir = Join-Path -Path $ProjectDir -ChildPath $OutDir
gpduck / gist:fd4c2a14b56c18dcbfc0fa13662742a7
Last active Apr 9, 2017
I made a wrapper for your .Net method calls so you can test...
View gist:fd4c2a14b56c18dcbfc0fa13662742a7
[System.AppDomain]::CurrentDomain.GetAssemblies().ExportedTypes | %{
$Type = $_
$Type.GetMethods() | Select -Unique Name | %{
$Method = $_
$Name = "Invoke-{0}.{1}" -f $Type.Fullname, $Method.Name
gpduck / Errors.ps1
Created Mar 7, 2017
PowerShell Errors
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Try {
Get-Process fsdks -ErrorAction Stop
} Catch {
Write-Error "Couldn't find the process"
#Prints out the error "Couldn't find the process"
#This contains 2 objects, the "Couldn't find the process" error, and the original error from Get-Process
View gist:1cdc1c7c1083da829ac6e7b0268f9c6e
$RemoteComputer = "remotecomputer"
Invoke-Command -Computer $RemoteComputer -ScriptBlock { import-module bitstransfer; get-module bitstransfer; }
$S = New-PSSession -Computer $RemoteComputer
Invoke-Command -Session $S -ScriptBlock { Import-Module bitstransfer}
Invoke-Command -Session $S -ScriptBlock { get-Module bitstransfer}
Remove-PSSession $S

The PowerShell pipeline unwraps collections. Let's write a function to test to see if something is a collection

function Test-Collection {
  process {
     $InputObject -is [System.Collections.ICollection]

The whole point of using ValueFromPipeline (and ValueFromPipelineByPropertyName) is to replace this syntax:

"c:\windows","c:\Program Files" | ForEach-Object {
  Get-DirectoryFileSize -Directory $_

With this synax:

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function New-Node {
gpduck / CarCdr.ps1
Created Aug 12, 2015
Powershell CAR and CDR
View CarCdr.ps1
function car {
[CmdletBinding(DefaultParameterSetName='DefaultParameter', HelpUri='', RemotingCapability='None')]
[Parameter(ParameterSetName='SkipLastParameter', Position=0)]
[Parameter(ParameterSetName='DefaultParameter', Position=0)]
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