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Created May 22, 2018 02:01
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Airbnb Gradle Flavors
apply from: './flavors.gradle'
android {
buildTypes {
productFlavors {
project.flavors.each { flavor, config ->
"$flavor" {
dimension 'scope'
if (flavor != 'full') {
versionNameSuffix ".$flavor"
class FlavorOptions {
final String entryModule
FlavorOptions(String entryModule) {
this.entryModule = entryModule
project.ext.flavors = [
full: new FlavorOptions(":flavor.full"),
foo: new FlavorOptions("")
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ivanalvarado commented Apr 24, 2021

Been trying to piece these snippets together along with this talk, but I still have a few questions:

1. Are the feature flavors application or library modules?

I keep running into build errors when they're modules. Specifically:

Execution failed for task ':app:processFlavorDebugResources'.
A failure occurred while executing$ActionFacade

Error goes away when I change the module to a

2. Noticed your response on your Medium article.

This snippet adds the entry module as a dependency of the root app module:

project.flavors.each { flavor, config ->
    project.dependencies.add("${flavor}Compile", project(config.entryModule))

I assume the snippet above goes in the app/build.gradle file?

3. What actually lives in a flavor module?

From your response to this, each flavor has its own Application class. And from Ben's talk, a LauncherActivity and some UI configurations. Am I missing anything else? Does each flavor gradle file also perform some flavor configuration or does that solely live in app/build.gradle?

A detailed example of this set up would be greatly beneficial.

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gpeal commented Apr 25, 2021

@ivanalvarado Hi Ivan, unfortunately, I don't work at Airbnb anymore and don't have access to the latest code. Every time I work with gradle, it requires a lot of trial and error and Googling (you are not alone) so I won't be able to provide more specific code either.

I belive this code was at the project level app.gradle file though and flavors are used for application modules.

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