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@gpickin gpickin/act_load_logs.cfm
Last active Aug 29, 2015

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<cfsetting requesttimeout="600">
<cfparam name="thelogname" default="clean_maillogH.log">
<cfinclude template="stopwatch.cfm">
<cfset ds = "dev_bktools">
<cfset stopwatch = makeStopwatch()>
<cfset stopwatch.start("Begin timing")>
<cfquery name="ind_control" datasource="#ds#">
select * from ind_control
where filename = <cfqueryparam value="#thelogname#" cfsqltype="cf_sql_varchar">
<cfset thecounter = 1>
<cfloop file="/pathtomylog/#thelogname#" index="thelog" >
<cfif thecounter eq 1>
<cfset thedate = parseDateFromLine(thelog)>
<cfset batchsize = 50000>
<cfif ind_control.dte_good neq thedate>
<cfset startrow = 1>
<cfset startrow = ind_control.int_good_end + 1>
<cfif ind_control.int_endoffile is 1>
<cfset endoffile_found = 1>
<cfset endrow = startrow + batchsize - 1>
<cfif thecounter gte startrow and thecounter lte endrow and not structkeyexists(variables, "endoffile_found")>
<cfset thedate = parseDateFromLine(thelog)>
<cfquery name="logCheck" datasource="#ds#">
select id from ind_log
where dte_log = #thedate_log#
and txt_log = <cfqueryparam value="#theline#" cfsqltype="cf_sql_longvarchar" >
<cfif logCheck.recordcount eq 0>
<cfquery datasource="#ds#">
insert into ind_log
dte_log = #thedate_log#,
txt_log = <cfqueryparam value="#theline#" cfsqltype="cf_sql_longvarchar" >
<p>Duplicate found</p>
<cfset thecounter = thecounter + 1>
<cfset stopwatch.lap("Loop and Save Data")>
<cfif endrow gt thecounter>
<cfset endrow = thecounter>
<cfset endoffile = 1>
<cfset endoffile = 0>
<cfif structkeyexists(variables, "endoffile_found")>
<cfif thecounter gt ind_control.int_good_end>
<cfset endoffile = 0>
<cfset endrow = ind_control.int_good_end>
<cfquery name="ind_control" datasource="#ds#">
update ind_control
set dte_good = #thedate#,
int_good_end = #endrow#,
int_endoffile = #endoffile#
where filename = <cfqueryparam value="#thelogname#" cfsqltype="cf_sql_varchar">
<cfset stopwatch.lap("Saved to Control File")>
<cfdump var="#stopWatch.getTimeline()#">
<cffunction name="parseDateFromLine">
<cfargument name="thelog" required="yes">
<cfif left(arguments.thelog,7) eq "maillog">
<cfset theline = right(arguments.thelog, ( len(arguments.thelog)-find(":", arguments.thelog) ) )>
<cfset theline = arguments.thelog>
<cfif find(' independence ', theline) gt 0>
<cfset cleanedup_val = left(theline, find(' independence ', theline)-1)>
<cfset cleanedup_val = left(theline, find(' new-independence ', theline)-1)>
<cfset thedate = parsedatetime(dateformat(now(), "yyyy") & " " & cleanedup_val)>
<cfif thedate gt now()>
<cfset thedate = dateadd("yyyy", -1, thedate)>
<cfreturn thedate>
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