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Last active March 24, 2017 02:13
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How to use ES6 generators with Hapi.js <3
import co from 'co'
// Generator controller,
// this.models refers to Sequelize models added with server.bind()
function* loginController(request) {
let user = yield this.models.User.find({
where: {
if (!user)
yield Promise.reject(Boom.notFound('USER_NOT_FOUND'));
return user.toJSON();
// Wraps generator so it can be used in Hapi responses
function wrapGen(generator) {
let handler = co.wrap(generator);
return function(request, reply) {
handler.bind(this)(request, reply)
// Here's the most typical Hapi.js route
method: 'POST',
path: '/auth/login',
handler: wrapGen(loginController)
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I wrote small plugin for this: noveogroup-amorgunov/hapi-generoutify

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