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bash aliases for Harry Potter enthusiasts
alias accio=wget
alias avadaKedavra='rm -f'
alias imperio=sudo
alias priorIncantato='echo `history |tail -n2 |head -n1` | sed "s/[0-9]* //"'
alias stupefy='sleep 5'
alias wingardiumLeviosa=mv
alias sonorus='set -v'
alias quietus='set +v'
alias colloportus='openssl enc -aes-256-cbc' # locking spell! $colloportus -in unencryptedName -out encryptedName
alias alohamora='openssl enc -d -aes-256-cbc' # unlocking spell! $alohamora -in encryptedName -out unencryptedName
alias reducio='zip -r' # $reducio zippedName thingToZip
alias engorgio=unzip # $engorgio zippedName
alias legilimens='defaults write AppleShowAllFiles -bool true && killall Finder' # see the hidden thoughts!
alias occlumens='defaults write AppleShowAllFiles -bool false && killall Finder' # keep hidden things hidden!
alias obliviate='history -c; history -w' # clear bash history
alias obscuro='/System/Library/CoreServices/Menu\ Extras/ -suspend' # lock screen
alias tergeo='defaults write CreateDesktop -bool false && killall Finder' # makes surfaces clean!
alias untergeo='defaults write CreateDesktop -bool true && killall Finder' # (this one isn't canon)
alias expectoPatronum='open ~/Pictures/turtleBasking.jpg' # summon your spirit animal! (replace with a picture of your own spirit animal)
function bodyBindCurse() {
alias cd='echo "you are immobilized! you cannot get to"'
function blindingCurse() {
alias ls='echo "you have been blinded!"'

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vinaysshenoy commented Jun 12, 2016


I do have a suggestion, however. Wouldn't locomotor be a better alias for mv than wingardiumLeviosa?


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iKlsR commented Jun 12, 2016

diffindo for renaming, cutting, moving
evanesco is somewhat more accurate than avada kedavra
avadaKedavra - pkill maybe too long?
relashio - unlink
pack - zip
reducio - unzip
nox - shutdown
aparecium - ls -a
crucio - git rebase
mosmordre - vim/emacs


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kgadek commented Jun 12, 2016

I'd like to report an issue, as avadaKedavra is to feeble. This should be alias avadaKedavra='rm --no-preserve-root -rf'.


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jammaloo commented Jun 12, 2016

sectumsempra - cut


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dallas commented Jun 13, 2016

mischiefManaged - sudo pkill loginwindow


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bhanuvrat commented Jun 13, 2016

brilliant !!


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gabrielseco commented Jun 28, 2016

I would replace avadaKedavra with avada.

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