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Last active August 31, 2018 08:25
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Part 3/4 in a series on collateralizing ERC721s for loans on Dharma Protocol
* Setup Dharma.js *
// Import Dharma from Dharma.js
import Dharma from "@dharmaprotocol/dharma.js";
// Import BigNumber.js version 5.0.0, for wrapping numbers before sending to blockchain.
import * as BigNumber from "bignumber.js";
// Instantiate Dharma
const dharma = new Dharma();
* Fill a Debt Order *
const CREDITOR_ADDRESS = "0x601e6e7711b9e3b1b20e1e8016038a32dfc86ddd";
const MAX_GAS = 4712388;
const TX_DEFAULTS = {
gas: MAX_GAS,
* This is an example of a debt order that can be transmitted or stored, and used
* to establish a debt agreement on Dharma Protocol.
let debtOrder = {
"principalAmount": new BigNumber(1),
"debtor": "0x601e6e7711b9e3b1b20e1e8016038a32dfc86ddd",
"principalToken": "0x2ecf4e28b0387113012ab2e6d5f60d5333ea2180",
"termsContract": "0xeef7d84ab274d3d288e26538893fb3768bff7d12",
"termsContractParameters": "0x0100000000000000000000000100271010005000000000001000000000000001",
"kernelVersion": "0x755e131019e5ab3e213dc269a4020e3e82e06e20",
"issuanceVersion": "0x0688659d5e36896da7e5d44ebe3e10aa9d2c9968",
"debtorFee": new BigNumber(0),
"creditor": "0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000",
"creditorFee": new BigNumber(0),
"relayer": "0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000",
"relayerFee": new BigNumber(0),
"underwriter": "0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000",
"underwriterFee": new BigNumber(0),
"underwriterRiskRating": new BigNumber(0),
"expirationTimestampInSec": new BigNumber(1538292323),
"salt": new BigNumber(0),
"debtorSignature": {
"v": 27,
"r": "0x5b2db210d77482c1690e9f3fe15fd3356f05ed288c7b7f2dc9e6cde5588756d2",
"s": "0x3b27919d6f41df36078b3df00861eb62547ce3d7b89a91c05ef0a40790cdb6af"
"creditorSignature": {"r": "", "s": "", "v": new BigNumber(0)},
"underwriterSignature": {"r": "", "s": "", "v": new BigNumber(0)}
// Fill the debt order as the creditor.
console.log(`Specifying address ${CREDITOR_ADDRESS} as creditor`);
debtOrder.creditor = CREDITOR_ADDRESS;
"Please make sure you have access to the private key of the above address and sign " +
"the transaction to fill the debt order."
dharma.order.fillAsync(debtOrder, TX_DEFAULTS).then(async (txHash) => {
console.log("Waiting for transaction to be mined (may take a while)...");
await dharma.blockchain.awaitTransactionMinedAsync(txHash);
console.log("The order has been filled.");
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