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Celery alternative?
"""Task queue using redis.
Redis client:
LPUSH work "say Hello world!"
LPUSH work "log This goes into syslog"
import redis
from multiprocessing import Pool
QUEUE_NAME = 'work'
CMD = {}
def main():
"""Main loop. Dispatch messages"""
conn = redis.Redis()
pool = Pool() # Default pool size is cpu_count
while True:
func_msg = conn.blpop(QUEUE_NAME)[1] # Blocking get from redis queue
pool.apply_async(wrapper, [func_msg]) # Run task in sub process
def wrapper(cmd_msg):
"""Call function in try / catch. Runs in sub process.
@param cmd_msg Format is <cmd> <arg1 arg2 ..>
cmd = CMD[cmd_msg.split()[0]]
msg = cmd_msg[cmd_msg.index(' ') + 1:]
except Exception, err:
print('Caught exception %s!' % err)
def task(func):
"""Decorator. Register this function as a task"""
CMD[func.__name__] = func
return func
# Example tasks.
def say(msg):
def log(msg):
import syslog
def sleep(msg):
import time
if __name__ == '__main__':
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