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Antijet Colormap
function m = antijet(n)
% antijet colormap
% by Christian Himpe 2014
% released under BSD 2-Clause License ( )
if(nargin<1 || isempty(n)), n = 256; end;
L = linspace(0,1,n);
R = -0.5*sin( L*(1.37*pi)+0.13*pi )+0.5;
G = -0.4*cos( L*(1.5*pi) )+0.4;
B = 0.3*sin( L*(2.11*pi) )+0.3;
m = [R;G;B]';

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gramian Oct 15, 2014

Antijet Preview


gramian commented Oct 15, 2014

Antijet Preview

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