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Last active Aug 29, 2015

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Wikimedia Hackathon 2014

Beside some smaller discussions, fruitless attempts and minor hacks, these are my main activities at Wikimedia Amsterdam Hackathon 2014.

Wikidata batch import bot

Before coming to the hackathon, I have looked around searching for a topic to find this: @Multichill wanted to refactor several useful but hacky bots he has written in the past, into one generic configurable framework. At the start of the hackathon, I have looked at his code and read through it, but we did not have a chance to act on it. The only thing I can say is that converting this into a framework is definitely possibly, but perhaps not a good task for a hackathon — library design, as any software language engineering activitiy, needs to be done with appropriate care.

Amsterdam municipal monuments

As a part of a bigger initiative on inventarisation of Dutch cultural heritage, cross-checked information about municipal monuments in the list provided by the municipality (as a PDF, DBA-ORVPM Gemeenteblad 486) with the database containing all monuments in one giant table (4554 of them from Amsterdam). The data was provided by @VDK, so she should know more about the sources, but both pieces of data I have worked on, were in public domain.

Some commits related to this endeavour (the code is incredibly hacky, you don’t want to look at it):

  • [ec321da]( Wikimedia Hackathon 2014
  • [ccfa858]( Generated successfully
  • [474741d]( Re-done
  • [c70f40f]( Matching done much more fuzzy, consistent comprehensive output

As a result, 944 entries were processed: for 225 a match has been found in the database, 719 were new. After I was done, the data was imported by @VDK and manually reviewed and curated.

Wiki Loves Art

Read the draft, reviewed and provided feedback about Wiki Loves Art 2016 to @Effeietsanders.

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