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CommonJS Module for Titanium that allows you to create gradient filled Labels (note: iOS only) Updated to include updates from Todd Lindner - as noted here :
WildText CommonJS module for Appcelerator Titanium
Create dynamic gradient filled text in your iOS Applications using this simple module.
@params : text - String. The text for your label
font - Font. Specify the font attributes for the label (defaults to standard size, weight and family),
backgroundGradient - BackgroundGradient. Specify your backgroundGradient object (defaults to White to Black linear gradient),
Top - Integer. Top property for your label,
Left - Integer. Left Property for your Label,
Bottom - Integer. Bottom Property for your Label,
Right - Integer. Right Property for your Label
Example Usage:
var WildText = require("wildText");
var win = Ti.UI.createWindow();
var text = new WildText({
text: "Custom Gradient and Font",
type: 'linear',
startPoint:{x:0, y:0},
endPoint: {x:0, y:"100%"},
{color: "#f00", offset:0.2},
{color: "#fff", offset: 0.5},
{color: "#00f", offset:0.7}
font: {
fontSize: 30,
fontWeight: "bold"
top: 10,
var WildText = function(_args){
_args = _args || {};
var FOLDER_PATH = Ti.Filesystem.tempDirectory;
var filename = _args.text.replace(" ", "_");
this.labelImageFile = Ti.Filesystem.getFile(FOLDER_PATH, filename + "_text.png");
if (this.labelImageFile.exists()) {"Reading " + this.labelImageFile.nativePath);
this.label =;
} else {
// Create an image from the Label to get the masked Text
this.label = Ti.UI.createLabel({
text: _args.text,
color: "#000",
font: _args.font || {
fontSize: "24dp",
fontFamily: "Calibri",
fontWeight: "bold"
backgroundColor: "transparent",
width: Ti.UI.SIZE,
height: Ti.UI.SIZE
}).toImage();"Writing " + this.labelImageFile.nativePath);
this.bkgImageFile = Ti.Filesystem.getFile(FOLDER_PATH, filename + "_bkg.png");
if (!this.bkgImageFile.exists()) {
this.background = Ti.UI.createView({
width: this.label.width,
height: this.label.height,
backgroundGradient: _args.backgroundGradient || {
type: 'linear',
startPoint:{x:0, y:0},
endPoint: {x:0, y:"100%"},
{color: "#fff", offset:0.0},
{color: "#000", offset:1.0}
}).toImage();"Writing " + this.bkgImageFile.nativePath);
var API = Titanium.UI.createMaskedImage({
image : this.bkgImageFile.nativePath , // alpha mask
mask : this.labelImageFile.nativePath, // image to mask
mode : Titanium.UI.iOS.BLEND_MODE_SOURCE_IN,
height: this.label.height,
width: this.label.width,
top: || null,
left: _args.left || null,
right: _args.right || null,
bottom: _args.bottom || null
return API;
module.exports = WildText;
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