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NextBus API

NextBus API

Agency list

Obtain a list of available transit agencies.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<body copyright="All data copyright agencies listed below and NextBus Inc 2014.">
  <agency tag="actransit" title="AC Transit" regionTitle="California-Northern"/>
  <agency tag="art" title="Asheville Redefines Transit" regionTitle="North Carolina"/>
  <agency tag="sf-muni" title="San Francisco Muni" shortTitle="SF Muni" regionTitle="California-Northern"/>

Route list<agency_tag>

Obtain a list of routes for a given agency. The agency is specified by the "a" parameter in the query string. The tag for the agency is obtained from the agencyList command.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> 
<body copyright="All data copyright San Francisco Muni 2014.">
    <route tag="F" title="F-Market &amp; Wharves"/>
    <route tag="J" title="J-Church"/>
    <route tag="KT" title="KT-Ingleside/Third Street"/>

Route config<agency_tag>&r=<route tag> 

Obtain a list of routes for a given agency. The route is optionally specified by the "r" parameter. The tag for the route is obtained using the routeList command. If the "r" parameter is not specified, all routes for the agency are returned, limited to 100 routes per request.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<body copyright="All data copyright San Francisco Muni 2014.">
  <route tag="F" title="F-Market &amp; Wharves" color="555555" oppositeColor="ffffff" latMin="37.7625199" latMax="37.8085899" lonMin="-122.43487" lonMax="-122.39345">
    <stop tag="5184" title="Jones St &amp; Beach St" lat="37.8072499" lon="-122.41737" stopId="15184"/>
    <stop tag="3092" title="Beach St &amp; Mason St" lat="37.80741" lon="-122.4141199" stopId="13092"/>
    <stop tag="3095" title="Beach St &amp; Stockton St" lat="37.8078399" lon="-122.41081" stopId="13095"/>
    <direction tag="F__OBCTRO" title="Outbound to Castro Station via Downtown" name="Outbound" useForUI="true">
      <stop tag="5184" />
      <stop tag="3092" />
      <stop tag="3095" />
    <direction tag="F__IBCTRO" title="Inbound to Fisherman&apos;s Wharf via Downtown" name="Inbound" useForUI="true">
      <stop tag="3311" />
      <stop tag="5687" />
      <stop tag="5691" />
      <point lat="37.76252" lon="-122.43487"/>
      <point lat="37.76267" lon="-122.4352"/>
      <point lat="37.76396" lon="-122.43332"/>
      <point lat="37.76569" lon="-122.43114"/>
      <point lat="37.76726" lon="-122.42915"/>
      <point lat="37.78036" lon="-122.41261"/>
      <point lat="37.7821" lon="-122.4104"/>
      <point lat="37.78389" lon="-122.40814"/>
      <point lat="37.7856499" lon="-122.40589"/>
      <point lat="37.7856499" lon="-122.40589"/>
      <point lat="37.7875299" lon="-122.40352"/>
      <point lat="37.78861" lon="-122.40216"/>
      <point lat="37.79094" lon="-122.39919"/>

Predictions<agency_tag>&r=<route tag>&s=<stop tag>

Obtain predictions associated with a particular stop. There are two ways to specify the stop: 1) using a stopId or 2) by specifying the route and stop tags.​

Predictions for multi stops<agency_tag>&stops=<stop 1>&stops=<stop 2>&stops=<stop 3> 

To obtain predictions associated with multiple stops use the "predictionsForMultiStops" command. The stops are specified by using the "stops" parameter multiple times.


Obtain the schedule information for a route. The route is specified by the "r" parameter. The tag for the route is obtained using the routeList command.

Messages<agency tag>&r=<route tag1>&r=<route tagN> 

Obtain messages currently active for a route or a group of routes. Note: this command only returns currently active messages. If a message is configured just to be shown on Tuesdays for example but it is currently Wednesday then the message will not be listed.

Vehicle locations<agency_tag>&r=<route tag>&t=<epoch time in msec> 

Obtain a list of vehicle locations that have changed since the last time the vehicleLocations command was used. The "t" parameter specifies the last time that was returned by the vehicleLocations command. The time is in msec since the 1970 epoch time. If you specify a time of 0, then data for the last 15 minutes is provided.

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vphilot commented Jan 21, 2020

Been testing it locally and it was working beautifully, but it doesn't work after deployment because of the Mixed Content policy. I'm surprised that a service used by so many agencies refuses HTTPS calls. It's a bummer

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axlevxa commented Jul 8, 2021

Hopefully this doesn't jinx it but I have found can be replaced above with for easy HTTPS access. I believe nextbus is somehow trying to rebrand to this new name(?)

Update: it's officially in the docs! Switch away!

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Yes, this is recommended based on personal communications with Cubic (parent company of Umo [neé NextBus]) and I have been using it for a while. @grantland recommend updating this gist.

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Seems as if the APIs are down. I was using

but this shows an error now. Same for the XML endpoint.

Does anyone know an alternative?

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Update: just saw that the endpoint works. Thanks @axlevxa for pointing us to it!

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jragh commented Aug 1, 2022

Trying to use the vehicleLocations command but having no luck, using both & endpoint. Actual URL I am using is as follows: Wondering if anybody is running into the same issue?

Edit: I just want to point out that this request is working for other agencies except the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission). Additionally, other requests such as routeConfig are working with TTC agency.

Edit 2: Seems this was an issue with the TTC agency, as the feed for vehicleLocations have come back.

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