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Last active Dec 12, 2015
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Syntactic sugar for DBIx::Class stuff in Dancer
# In my Dancer app I load a 'user' record like this:
my $user = User->find( param('id') ); # usually wrapped in a check that the record was found
# There are a number of 'moving parts' to allow this to work.
# Near the top of my Dancer code I have this:
use MyApp::Helpers;
sub User { model('AppUser'); }
# So the User->find line is calling the 'find' method on the object returned by the User function.
# I chose to give the sub a capital 'U' because I use it a bit like a class. I also have similar
# 1-line subs for the other tables I need to access.
# The User sub uses the 'model' helper which came from MyApp/ and looks like this:
use Dancer::Plugin::DBIC 'schema';
sub model {
return schema->resultset( shift );
# The 'schema' function is provided by the Dancer::Plugin::DBIC module. The plugin gets the
# database connection details from the Dancer config file. These details include a DSN and also:
schema_class: MyApp::Schema
# The MyApp/ file is standard DBIx::Class stuff and may for example be generated by
# DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader. This is where the MyApp::Schema::Result::AppUser class
# is mapped to the 'app_user' table in the DB.
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