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Pyarrow iter_batches as python native iterable
import s3fs
import pyarrow as pa
import pyarrow.parquet as pq
from itertools import chain
from typing import Tuple, Any
def iter_parquet(s3_uri: str, columns = None, batch_size=1_000) -> Tuple[Any]:
# create file system for file interface objects from S3
fs = s3fs.S3FileSystem()
# open a file interface object
with as fp:
# convert the python file object into a ParquetFile object for iterating
parquet_file = pq.ParquetFile(fp)
# an iterator of pyarrow.RecordBatch
record_batches = parquet_file.iter_batches(batch_size=batch_size, columns=columns)
# convert from columnar format of pyarrow arrays to a row format of python objects (yields tuples)
yield from chain.from_iterable(zip(*map(lambda col: col.to_pylist(), batch.columns)) for batch in record_batches)
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