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GraphQL Nullability - Initial non-nullable schema
### Initial schema
type Query {
vacationRentalById(id: $id) : VacationRental
type VacationRental {
id: ID!
title: String!
description: String!
owner: Owner!
roomCount: Int!
address: Address!
geolocation: GeoLocation!
price: Price!
type Owner {
name: String!
email: String!
phone: String!
twitterHandle: String!
inboxNotifications: [Notification]!
type Address {
line1: String!
line2: String!
city: String!
state: String!
zip: String!
type Price {
amount: Float!
currency: String!
type GeoLocation {
latitude: String!
longitude: String!
type Notification {
timestamp: String!
message: String!
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